Subscription Description & Thumbnail

When creating a subscription, it is important to add a description and upload a thumbnail. The subscription description and thumbnail will be displayed for customers on the check-out pages.  To display the full description and thumbnail, customers must select the subscription offer and the details will be displayed while they enter their customer and payment information.


To add a description and thumbnail:

-Type your subscription description in the Description field on the subscription details page

NOTE: Descriptions cannot include HTML

-In the Thumbnail section, click on Click to Upload



-Click on Select Files to Upload

-Select a file from your device and click Open



-Crop/filter the thumbnail as needed and click Upload



-Confirm the description and thumbnail are displayed on the subscriptions detail page

-Click Create or Save Changes to apply



-The description and thumbnail will be displayed during check-out after the offer has been selected.  It will be displayed on the right side of the customer information page and payment information page.



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