Test User Experience

Before launching your site, we highly recommend testing the end user experience by creating a test user and viewing the storefront and content from the perspective of users.

To test the user experience:

-Navigate to the Customer tab

-Click Invite Customers


-Enter a test name and email account.  We recommend using an email account you have access to that is not already associated with Uscreen.  This will allow you to test how email templates look as they are triggered during your test of the system.

-Click Invite to create the test user account and send an invite email


-Once the test user is invited, the test account will show up in the list of customers



To test the user experience with viewing programs, bundles, and subscriptions:

-Click on the customer name or click on the three dots and select show 

-On the Access tab, add and remove access to subscriptions, programs, or bundles

-Assigning access to programs and bundles will provide permanent access to specific content forever on the test account

-Assigning access to a subscription will provide access until the next payment date.  To extend access for further testing, you can edit the plan to change the next due date and extend access for the test user.


-Once access has been added, click on Impersonate to view the storefront as the test user


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