Free Access Overview

Although the Uscreen platform is built to sell your content, you may want or need to provide free access for customers, partners, or staff.  This can be accomplished in several ways that will allow others to access content without providing payment information.



To provide free program access: During program set-up select "Free for everyone" on the program structure detail page.  For detailed instructions, read our Provide Free Program Access article.



To provide free subscription access: Create a coupon with a 100% discount that applies to subscriptions and set the duration to Forever.  For detailed instructions, read our Provide Free Subscription Access article.



To provide free bundle access:  Create a freebie bundle with specific programs. For detailed instructions, read our Provide Free Bundle Access article.


Granting Customer Access

You can grant customers access to content manually from the admin site.  Granting access to a fixed price bundle or program will provide access for free forever. Granting access to a subscription plan will provide free access until the next due date which can be manually extended beyond one month.  For detailed instructions, read our Granting Customer Access article.

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