Switching Themes

Switching from one new theme to another new theme can be done at any time.  Switching themes will remove all previous theme related customizations.  For this reason, it is extremely important to create a backup of your active theme before switching.

To switch themes:

-Navigate to the Customizations tab

-Click on the Back up now in the bottom right corner 


-The new backup will be displayed in the list of backups at the bottom of the page

-Click on the three dots for the theme you want to switch to and select Install


-On the pop-up that appears, click OK


-The newly installed theme will appear in the top left corner


-You may begin customizing the theme in the Theme Editor


NOTE: If you are switching from a legacy theme (New Netflix, Modern Video, Revolt, or E-Learning) to a new theme, our developers need to assist you through that the migration process.  We recommend reading this article to learn more about the steps of migrating themes.

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