Add a Terms of Service Page

Adding a Terms of Service page to your site is an important step in setting up your storefront.  Terms of Service should outline the services provided by your company and expectations for customers.

Terms of Service - Example 

Note: We do not provide any legal advice or representation. This example document is designed to help you craft your own terms of service to meet your needs.  If you choose to use this document as a template, be sure to fill in your company name and contact information throughout.

To add a Terms of Service page:

-Navigate to the Customization tab

-Select the Pages option

-Click on New Page


-Complete page details including Title and Position

-Fill in the page content and format using the HTML editor

-Make sure that the template selected is page

-Click Create New Page


-The new page will appear in the pages list

-To add SEO settings, click on the name of the page


-Click Advanced and fill in the SEO information

-Click Save Changes



To add the Terms of Service page to the navigation:

-Navigate to the Customization tab

-Select the Navigation option

-Click on the three dots on the Footer menu and select Edit


-Click Add Menu Item


-Enter the page Title and select Choose Page from the link dropdown


-Select Terms of Service from the list of pages and click Save


-Terms of Service will now appear in the footer navigation





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