Customer Dashboard

From the customer dashboard, your customers can update their account information, password, billing information, and manage their subscription.  For this reason, it is important to include the customer dashboard in the top navigation of your site.

The customer dashboard is often referred to as the Dashboard or My Account.

By default, the dashboard will be included in your top navigation as Dashboard. You can change the name of the dashboard link at any time.

To update the Dashboard portion of your top navigation:

-Navigate to the Customization tab and select Navigation



-Click the three dots on the main menu and select Edit



-Click the three dots on the Dashboard menu item and select Edit



-Change the title of the dashboard menu item

-Make sure the link is set to /dashboard

-Click Save



-The new title will appear on the menu and in the top navigation on your storefront



NOTE: Adding /dashboard to the end of your Uscreen URL, will take you directly to the customer dashboard

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