End User Experience - Reduce Churn

When Reduce Churn is enabled, customers attempting to cancel their account will be offered a discount in order to encourage them to keep their subscription.

NOTE: The feedback question and discount offer pages are standard across Uscreen sites.  Customization is not available on these pages.

To receive the reduce churn messages: 

-Customers will navigate to the customer dashboard

-Select Billing and click Change Plan under their active subscription


 -Select Cancel Membership


 -If the feedback option is enabled in your reduce churn settings, customers will be presented with the following feedback question:


-Customers will be offered the percentage discount indicated in the reduce churn settings

-Customers can choose to Claim my Discount or Cancel Membership


-If the customer claims their discount, they will be taken back to the customer dashboard and will be able to navigate to the catalog


-Claimed reduce churn discounts will be recorded on your admin site and displayed on the customer access tab as a coupon



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