Editing a Customer's Next Payment Date

You may need to edit your customer's next payment date associated with a subscription for a variety of reasons. This can be easily done on the detailed customer view. 

NOTE: The script that generates invoices is run twice per day - once at 6:00 AM EST and once at 4:00 PM EST.  If you are adjusting the next payment date/time in order to generate an invoice, please be aware of these times as it may take several hours for the invoice to generate depending on the time selected in the next payment date.


To update a customer's Next Payment Date:

-Navigate to the Customers tab

-Click on the customer name or on the three dots and select Show


-Select the access tab and locate the subscription you wish to edit

-Click on the three dots and select Edit


-Select a valid date and click Save Changes

NOTE: It is important to select a valid date.  If you are assigning a date toward the end of the month, please make sure that date exists.


-The updated Next Payment Date will be reflected on the subscription access record


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