Live Events Overview

To live stream on Uscreen, streaming software and a camera/microphone are required.  You can choose whichever streaming software works best for you as long as the software allows you to enter a Stream URL/Server and a Stream Key.  These are required to make the connection between your streaming software and the live event in Uscreen.  Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is commonly used for streaming - visit this article on how to use OBS with Uscreen.  When live streaming, we recommend streaming at 30fsp for the best viewing experience for end-users.

On the Content tab, you can set up all Live Events in advance by entering details, images, and pricing information.  Once the live event is set up, you can make it available for pre-registration so that customers can view it in your catalog before the event goes live.

Once you are ready to go live, you will return to the Content tab to start your live event. After the event is finished, the video of your live event will automatically appear in your list of videos on the content tab so you can publish it to your catalog after the event.


This list shows all the different guides that pertain to setting up Live Events / Live Streaming on your Uscreen site.

Live Stream with OBS

Setting up a Live Event

Set up Live Event SEO

Live Streaming Pre-Registration

Going Live - Start Live Streaming

Finishing a Live Event

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