Add Drip to a Collection

Adding drip to a collection is a great way to give customers access to videos over time instead of all at once.  Common examples of drip include fitness challenges with daily video releases or series with weekly video releases.

NOTE: Drip releases are based on when the customer purchased the content.  After they have purchased the content and accessed the collection, their drip counter will begin.

To add drip to a collection:

-Navigate to the Content tab

-Select Collections 

-Click Edit on the collection you want to add drip to


-On the detailed collection page under advanced, select Drip Settings

-On the video click the calendar icon


-Enter the number of delay days and turn on the notification email if desired


-Repeat this process for all other videos in the collection that need to be dripped

NOTE: Drip can only be assigned to videos that require access.  Free videos are already available for customers so they cannot be dripped.

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