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    Adding a Support page to your site will help your customers contact you if they have any questions or need help.

    NOTE: Your support page can list your contact information or you can easily create a contact form and add it to your support page by following these instructions.

    To add a Support page:

    -Navigate to the Customization tab

    -Select the Pages option

    -Click on New Page


    -Complete page details including Title and Position

    -Fill in the page content and format using the HTML editor

    -Make sure that the template selected is page

    -Click Create New Page


    -The new page will appear in the pages list

    -To add SEO settings, click on the name of the page


    -Click Advanced and fill in the SEO information

    -Click Save Changes



    To add the Support page to the navigation:

    -Navigate to the Customization tab

    -Select the Navigation option

    -Click on the three dots on the Footer menu and select Edit


    -Click Add Menu Item


    -Enter the page Title and select Choose Page from the link dropdown


    -Select the Support page from the list of pages and click Save


    -Support will now appear in the footer navigation


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