Set up a Live Event

Before a live streaming event, you will need to set up your event and test your live stream.  You can set up your event weeks in advance or the same day as your event depending on if you want customers to be able to pre-register for the event in advance.

To set up a new live event:

-Navigate to the Content tab

-Select Live Events 

-Click Add New New_Live_Event.png

-Enter the Title and click Create


-Enter live event information under DetailsAppearance, and Pricing

-Once all of the details are entered, click Save. Your event will be listed as unpublished.



To test your live player:

-Enter all of the live stream information in the Stream section and click Test Player


NOTE: Make sure to leave five or more minutes between testing your player and going live in order to hide the test portion of the stream from your viewers.

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