Enable Video Downloading

Your customers may wish to download videos from your website to their device for offline viewing.  By default, videos are not available for download, but you can enable downloading on individual videos at any time.


NOTE: If you have apps, secure in-app downloading is available by default so that customers can download videos within the app and watch offline.  In-app downloading is separate from the download settings on the web platform.

To enable video downloading:

-Navigate to the Content tab

-Select Videos and click Edit on the video you want to enable



-On the Details tab, toggle the Allow Downloading option

-Downloading is enabled with the checkbox is blue

-Click Save to apply changes



-If a video is available for download, the download button will appear on the program page under the player in the bottom right corner.  The download button will only be visible to logged in customers and subscribers who have access to view and download the video.


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