Add Videos to a Collection

Collections allow you to group together several videos that are intended to be viewed together.  When creating a collection, you will add videos to your collection that have already been uploaded on the Content tab under Videos.  Videos added to a collection will be published as part of the collection even if they are listed as "unpublished" under Videos.

To add videos to a collection:

-Navigate to the Content tab

-Select Collections and create a new collection or edit an existing collection


-On the Playlist tab, click Add Video


-In the pop-up, select the video you want to add and repeat for all other videos


-All selected videos will appear in the playlist where you can click and drag them to change the order within the collection

-Click Save to assign videos to the collection and save the selected order


-On the Program Page the videos in the collection will be displayed in a sidebar or as thumbnails under the player.  The layout of the program page can be edited on the Customization tab in the Theme Editor.



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