Author Filter Name

On the Uscreen platform, video creators and collaborators are referred to as Authors.

By assign authors to your videos and collections, the author filter will appear on the catalog page and customers will be able to sort your content according to the assigned author.  

Customers will also be able to view author pages which are automatically created when an author is added.  These author pages will display all videos related to the selected author.


At this time, it is not possible to change the name of the author filter to another name (for example instructor, coach, star, etc).  If the title "Author" will not work for your site, you can choose not to ignore the author option altogether.  If you do not create authors/assign them to your videos and collections, the author filter will not show up on the catalog and the author pages will not be created.  If you want to list authors by a different name, you can create a custom filter and assign the custom filter values to your videos and collections.  For more information on custom filters, read this article.

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