Live Stream with OBS

To live stream on Uscreen, streaming software and a camera/microphone are required.  Open Broadcaster Software is one example of a streaming software you can use.  This tutorial will walk you through the steps of live streaming on Uscreen with OBS.


To live stream using Open Broadcaster Software:

-Navigate to the Content tab

-Select Live Events and click Add New



-On the pop-up, enter the event title and click Create



-Enter all event details, images, etc under DetailsAppearance, and Pricing

-Click Save after completing each section



-On the Stream tab, you can test the player, publish it for Preregistration and Go Live!

-You will need the Stream URL and the Stream Key to connect to streaming from OBS

NOTE: The stream key is unique to each event.



-Download and open Open Broadcaster Software on your device

-Click on File and select Settings



-Under Settings, select Stream

-Enter the stream information for your Uscreen event:

Service = Custom

Server = Stream URL - always the same for Uscreen (rtmp://

Stream Key = Stream Key - this is specific to the event you have set-up in Uscreen

-Click Apply to save information

NOTE: Every time you stream a new event, you will need to return to this page and update the stream key so that it matches the live event in Uscreen



-On the OBS control panel, select Start Streaming



-To test your stream, return to Uscreen and click Test Player



-Within a few moments, your live stream from OBS will appear in the player window



-Now that you have tested the player, you are ready to go live!  When you are ready to go live, make sure the stream key is correct and Start Streaming has been selected in OBS.  Then return to the Stream section on your Uscreen event and click Go Live.

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