Sync with Vimeo

If you already have a Vimeo account with uploaded videos, no need to re-upload them, simply sync your Vimeo account with your Uscreen account! In order to sync videos from Vimeo, you must have a  Vimeo PRO or Vimeo Business membership.  Video sync is not available on the basic Vimeo account.  

NOTE: You must maintain your Vimeo subscription - videos will only be available as long as your Vimeo account is active.

To sync with Vimeo:

-Log in to your Vimeo account and navigate to the to My Apps page

-On the My Apps page, click Create an app


-Enter new app information, accept terms, and click Create App


-Under Authentication, click Authenticated and select Public and Private

-Click Generate to generate your Vimeo API Token


-The API Token will automatically appear under the generate button


-Copy the API Token before logging into your Uscreen admin site

-On the Uscreen admin site, navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations

-Locate the Vimeo integration and click Connect


-Enter the Vimeo API Token and click Sync Account


-Once Vimeo is connected, the Vimeo option will appear in the video upload area


-In the pop-up, enter the Vimeo video link and click Sync Video


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