Coupon Code Expiration Date

When creating a new coupon, you can set an expiration date so that customers have to redeem the coupon before it expires.  This expiration date can be added or edited after the coupon has been created, but it cannot be edited once the coupon has expired.

NOTE: We recommend setting the coupon expiration for the day after you want the promotion to end so that customers from all timezones can use the coupon.  For example, if you are advertising the coupon is available through June 30th, make the coupon actually expire on July 1st.  This will allow customers to enter the coupon code throughout the full day on June 30th and it will reduce customer service requests from customers who waited until the last minute to try and use the code.

To set an expiration date on a coupon:

-Navigate to the Marketing tab and click Settings under coupons

-Click Add Coupon

-Complete the coupon details and click Limit the date range


-On the pop-up, select the expiration date and click Ok


-Click Create to create the coupon code


-The expiration date will be displayed below the coupon code


To edit the expiration date:

-Click on the three dots and select Edit


-Change the expiration date and click Save Changes

Reminder: Changes can only be made prior to the coupon code expiration.  Once the code has expired, the code will appear grayed out and editing will not be an option.


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