Admin Email Notification Settings

Our automatic email notifications for successful sale, new subscriber, and cancelled subscription can help your admins stay on top of what is happening with your site.  You can choose to receive all three types of notifications or you can elect to disable them.

NOTE: All admins will receive all enabled email notifications.  It is not possible to turn off notifications for a specific admin.  If one admin does not wish to receive notifications, we recommend using rules in the email settings to send notification emails to a folder instead of their inbox.  The ability to set rules will vary by email provider.


To change email notification settings:

-Navigate to the Settings tab

-Scroll down to Notification Settings

-Green boxes indicate notifications that will be sent.  Unclick the green box for notifications you do not want admins to receive.

-Click Save to apply changes



Successful Sale - Receive an email when a sale is made

Cancelled Subscription - Receive an email when a customer cancels a subscription

New Subscriber - Receive an email when you get a new subscriber


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