Payouts Report

Uscreen sites using Uscreen Payment Gateway or PayPal to collect payment from end-users will have a payouts report displaying the amount on hold and the amount to be paid out.  The payouts report is designed to provide an estimate for the expected payout so you know how much money to expect at the beginning of each month.

All payments must be held for a full 30 days in order to process refunds and disputes.  On the first of each month, payout payments will be made for money collected in the previous month that have been held for 30 days.  Example: All payments received in the month of May are paid out on July 1st.


The Amount on Hold displays the amount received less than 30 days ago.  Once the payment has been held for 30 days, then it will switch to Next Payout Amount which is how much you will receive in your next payout on the first of the month.


After the first of the month, you can review which payments have been paid out under invoices.

To review invoices that have been paid out:

-Navigate to the Settings tab and select Invoices

-Use the filters to filter by Status: Paid, Origin: PayPal and Uscreen Payments, and Date

-All invoices with the money symbol in front of the amount have been paid out



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