Applying a Coupon to a Completed Transaction

Some end-users miss the opportunity to enter a coupon code during the checkout process and will reach out to you to request the coupon be applied after the transaction has been completed.  If you would like to apply the discount, it will require that the original transaction is partially or fully refunded.


To provide a partial refund:

-Partial refunds cannot be processed through Uscreen.  To provide a partial refund, the end-user must have paid with a credit card processed by Stripe.  Stripe payments will be listed on the transaction invoice and you will be able to see the transaction in Stripe where you can provide a partial refund.

-After providing a partial refund for the current month, you will need to apply the coupon to the subscription for future months.  To apply the coupon to their existing subscription follow these instructions. This will ensure the customer is charged the correct amount in future months.


To provide a full refund and apply the coupon:

-Navigate to the People tab and search for the end-user by email

-View the end-user details and go to the Invoices tab

-Open the invoice by clicking on the invoice number and click Refund

-Go to the end-user's Access tab

-Click on the three dots on their active subscription and click Delete

-Then select Choose Plan to reinstate the subscription

-Click on the three dots and select Apply Coupon

-Apply the coupon that should have been applied at check out

-Review their next payment date listed on the subscription. You will need to set the payment date to the next day to generate a new invoice for the corrected amount.

-To edit their next payment date, follow these instructions

-The subscription will now list the corrected price and the next payment date when the invoice will be generated and payment collected.


NOTE: Some payment providers will mark the 2nd transaction as potential fraud because it is too similar to the original transaction.  This may delay payment for several days which could result in the account being on hold.  If a the bank declines the charge, the customer can update their payment information to a different credit card so that that transaction can be completed and access restored.


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