Organize Your Content

There are several ways to organize the video content in your catalog.  In order for customers to access videos/collections, they must be published and will be visible in your catalog and the filter/search functions.  It is important to keep your catalog organized by using categories and deciding whether to publish videos by themselves or as part of a collection.


Videos can be published to your catalog in two ways:

-As an individual video

-As part of a collection


If the individual video is published, it will be marked as published in the video list.



If the video is published as part of a collection, but not as an individual video, the video will be marked as unpublished but will show that it is included in a collection.



The published collection will be marked as published on the Collections tab.



We recommend using collections to group together several videos that are intended to be viewed together.  This might include a multi-day fitness challenge or a series of videos together in one season.


If the videos do not have to be viewed together but have related content, then they should be published as individual videos and assigned to the same category.  Categories are the primary organizational structure on the catalog page.  You can arrange the order of categories on the catalog page and you can order the videos within the categories as well.



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