Provide Free Live Event Access

It is possible to offer a live streaming event for free to all visitors to your Uscreen site.  To offer the event for free, when setting up the live event go to the Pricing tab and select "Free for everyone."  If this is selected, customers will be able to access the video while it is live without seeing the paywall or having to create an account.



If you would like the event to be free, but you want to offer the option for pre-registration, an additional step is required.  By making the live event available for pre-registration, the event will be visible in your catalog in the days leading up to the event and customers will need to create an account to access the live event.  This allows you to collect their email addresses and names.

To offer a live event with pre-registration:

-Navigate to the Content tab and select Live Event

-Create a new event or click Edit on and existing event

-Set the event to Free for Everyone on the Pricing tab

-Go to the Stream tab and select Pre-registration



-Navigate to the Bundles tab

-Create a new Freebie Bundle and make it Available for Purchase



-Assign the live event to the bundle and save



-When customers see the live event on your catalog, they will click Get Access Now

-On the checkout page, they will be able to select the freebie bundle



-After selecting the freebie bundle, they will enter their customer information

-Customers will not need to enter payment information because the bundle is free

-They will be able to access the event when it goes live


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