Bundle Offer Display

Bundles that are "available for purchase" will appear on the checkout page as an offer.  The checkout page is the only place on the storefront customers will see a bundle.  To see the bundle, they must select a video/collection for purchase which is included in the bundle.

If the bundle is available by private link, it will not be visible on the storefront and the link will take customers directly to the checkout page with the bundle offer selected.


On the checkout offer page, the bundle will appear like this:


All available bundles will be displayed with a title, pricing, and the wording explaining access. The wording and format of the offer cannot be changed because it is common across all Uscreen sites. 

Fixed Price Bundles - "Gain access to a bundle forever"

Freebie Bundle - "Gain access to this bundle for free"

Rental Bundle - "Gain access to this bundle for a limited time"


To provide additional information, include a bundle description while setting up the bundle - the description will appear under the image on the right side once the customer has selected an offer.  It should include information about the videos/collections included in the bundle so know what content they have access to with this purchase.



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