Grant Access to Live Event Recording

When selling a live event via Pre-Registration, customers are purchasing access to the live event, but not the recording of the event. If you want customers to have access to the recording of the live event, you can do so by selling a bundle which includes the live event and the recording after the event has concluded.


To include the live event and recording in a bundle:

-Navigate to the Content tab and select Live Events

-Create a new live event or edit an existing event



-Enter the live event details on the Details, Appearance, and Pricing tab

-On the Stream tab, set the live event to Preregistraion



-Navigate to the Bundles tab and create a new bundle



-Complete the bundle details and make sure the bundle is Available for Purchase



-Assign the live event that is in pre-registration to the bundle



-When customers view the live event in pre-registration on your site, they can click the Get Access Now button to pre-register for the event



-On the offer page, customers will see the options for purchasing access including the bundle which will include the recording of the live event



-Once the live event has concluded, the recording will appear at the top of the video list

-Click Edit to add video details and prepare recording to be published



-On the Publication tab, set the video to Published so it will appear in your catalog



-Return to the Bundles tab and edit the bundle by clicking on the three dots and selecting Edit



-Click on Assign Content, assign the recording video, and click Finish



-When customers attempt to access the recording of the event published in your catalog, they will be able to do so because they have already paid for the bundle which includes the live event and the recording.


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