Refersion Integration

Integrating Refersion with your Uscreen account is a quick way to set up affiliates and referral programs.  Refersion is compatible with Stripe, Uscreen Payment Gateway, and PayPal transactions. 

NOTE: Refersion does not work with our legacy themes. If you are using an old theme, you will be required to migrate to a new theme to use this integration.

Setting up the Integration  

To set up your Refersion integration:

-Log in to your Refersion account

-Navigate to the Account tab and select Settings



-In the Tracking section, click Add Tracking



-Select Refersion API Tracking as your platform



-Copy the Public KeySecret Key, and Refersion Subdomain



-Log in to the Uscreen admin site

-Navigate to the Settings tab and select Integrations

-Click Connect on the Refersion integration



-Enter the Public KeySecret Key, and Refersion Subdomain

-Click Connect



-The success message will be displayed and you are now connected to Refersion


Commonly Asked Questions

1. How can I obtain SKUs for products for affiliate tracking? 

The SKU is constructed of the following two parts: {product_id}-{product type}, with product_id being integer and product type being a string.

The product_id can be obtained from the url of the video, or collection, by going to the video or collection and click Edit. From there, look in the url bar for something like this ".../contents/videos/279071/details" or ".../contents/collections/87294/details" as those are the numbers you want to use for your product_id. The same method can be used to obtain a subscription or bundle product_id.

If you are tracking a video or collection, the product type will be "Program". If you are tracking a subscription or bundle, the product type will be "Offer".

Taking an example product_id from one of the above examples for a video, the SKU would look like this:


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