Apple Developer Account

Follow the steps below to set-up your Apple Developer Account.

I: Enroll in Apple Developer Program

1: Create Developer Website Account (free):
>Go to Apple Developer Website and select Account.
>Sign-In using Apple ID & Password. Read Agreement. Check to agree. Click Submit.

2: Enroll in Apple Developer Program ($99/year)

  • Get Ready: You must enroll as an Organization.
    • To enroll, you’ll need the following:
    • Apple ID: You will need an Apple ID with  Two-factor Authentication turned on.
    • Legal Entity Status: Your organization must be a legal entity to enter into contracts with Apple.
    • Legal Binding Authority: Person enrolling you in Apple Developer Program must have legal authority to bind organization to legal agreements.
    • Website: Organization website must be public; domain name must be associated with organization.
    • D-U-N-S Number: Your organization must have a D-U-N-S Number. It’s used to check the identity and legal entity status of your organization. Apply or check using DUNS Look-Up Tool
  • Apply: Apple Developer Program. Click Enroll (top) >Start Your Enrollment >Submit
  • Wait for approval: Apple Support verifies information and sends email with next steps.
  • Complete enrollment: Accept Apple Developer Program Agreement. Purchase membership.
  • Sign-in: App Store Connect Account


II: Give Uscreen Access to Developer Account

>Go to App Store Connect Account
>Click Users and Access icon.
>Under People, click Add (+).

Enter user information:
>First: OTT
>Last: Uscreen
>Email address:
>User role: Admin
>Apps: All Apps

>Click Invite.
  Uscreen receives email with link.



Check App Agreements: Are you offering In-App Purchases for subscriptions?

NO: Free Apps must be Active. Signed during enrollment; lets you distribute free apps. 

YES: Paid Apps must be Active. Sign Paid Agreement & enter Payment information. 



III: In-App Purchase: Set-up Payment

Request & Sign Paid Apps Agreement
>Open Agreements. Find Paid Apps Agreement. Click View Terms.
>Verify legal entity information is correct. Click Add.
>Check box to Accept, then click Agree. Status changes to Pending User Information.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

Add Contacts, Banking, & Tax Information:
>Open Agreements-Paid Apps. Click Set up Tax, Banking, and Contacts.

  • Add Contacts: Under Contacts, click role. Choose from list of contacts or fill in details. Click Add.
  • Add Banking: Under Bank Accounts, click Add Bank Account. Fill in required fields. Click Add.
  • Add Tax Information: Under Tax Forms, click Complete Tax Forms. Follow instructions.
mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png mceclip7.png

When complete, Paid Apps status changes to Active. 


 Please Note:

  • For us to update apps or submit new apps for review, Free & Paid Apps must be Active.
  • Once Paid Apps Agreement is requested, you must complete the process. You can’t undo it.
  • Tax Forms must be completed for banking to be processed and Agreement to go in effect.
  • For more information: App Store Connect Help

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