Subscriptions Overview

Subscriptions are a way to give your end-users access to your site's video content on a recurring basis.

The Subscription tab is where you can view your current Subscriptions, create new subscriptions, and more.



This list shows all the different guides that pertain to your Uscreen Subscriptions including creating subscriptions, editing subscriptions, and subscription based analytics.

Create a New Subscription Plan - create a subscription plan by selecting a duration and price

Subscription Description & Thumbnail Image  - how to add a description and thumbnail image

Editing an Existing Subscription - how to edit an existing subscription

Increasing a Subscription Price - what you need to know about increasing a subscription's pricing

Creating a Private Subscription - how to create a private subscription, not available to the public

Excluding Content from a Subscription - opt to exclude certain content from your subscriptions

View Your Subscribers - quickly see how many of your end-users are in trial or are active subscribers


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