Bundles Overview

Bundles are a way to give your end-users access to specific bundles of content on your site. Bundles can offer forever access after a one-time purchase, they can be rented for a specific duration of time, or they can be a free bundle for end-users.

The Bundles tab is where you can view your current Bundles, create new ones, and more.



This list shows all the different guides that pertain to your Uscreen Bundles including creating bundles, editing bundles, and bundle sales.

Creating a New Bundle - create a bundle by selecting bundle type 

Bundle Description & Thumbnail Image - how to add a description and thumbnail image

Assign Programs to a Bundle - add videos to your bundle

Fixed Price Bundle - everything you need to know about fixed price bundles

Rental Bundle - everything you need to know about rental bundles

Freebie Bundle - everything you need to know about freebie bundles

Creating a Private Bundle  - how to create a private bundle

Editing an Existing Bundle - how to edit an existing bundle

Manage Bundle Customers - quickly see how many of your end-users have access to each bundle


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