Image Assets: TV Apps

Use the information below to help you provide image assets for your Uscreen TV Apps.

Apps: Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku
What we need from you: Provide a link or attach images to email and send to
Images Needed: How it's used:
1: Brand Logo-Transparent: 512x512 px App Icon; shown in channel store
2: Brand Logo-Solid Background: 512x512 px  App Icon; shown in channel store
3: Login Background: 1280x1080 px  Used with logo to create Login Screen 
4: Launch Image: 1920x1080 px  Shown briefly when app opens
5: Apple TV Banner: 1920x720 px Shown on home screen
TV Login Screen Page:
• Created using Login Background & Transparent Brand Logo with a two-sided layout.
• There’s a fade/shadow in the center. Login Background should not contain Brand Logo.
Examples of TV Images:
Screenshot Previews:

• The images used for screenshot previews in channel store listings are images of your app.
• They way your app looks depends on how you organize and arrange content on your website.
• Set-up your website so the content you want displayed is captured in the screenshots.



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