How To Submit App Requirements

This guide outlines the process for publishing apps and assets needed to create apps.
You'll also find all the information needed to submit App Requirements including: assets needed and links to resources (forms, directions, support). For detailed information, click the blue links.

Process & Timeline:
• The process of development, review, approval, and the app going live can take up to 45 days.
• The timeline begins when Uscreen receives ALL required information/assets for each app.

Steps in the App Approval process:
• Once all required information is received, the app is submitted to our developers.
• Our developers create/build the app, then submit it to the appropriate platform for review.
• Their developers review the app and provide feedback.
• If changes are needed, our developers make those changes and resubmit the app for review.
• If no changes are needed, the app is Approved for sale.
What we need from you to start building apps:
1: Set-up Developer Accounts: Needed to build and publish apps. 
2: Provide Content Assets: Needed to build apps, create app store listings, and submit for review.
3: Provide Image Assets: Images & graphics needed to build apps and create app store listings.


Get Ready: Use the App Requirements Guide to prepare & get organized
1: To set-up Developer Accounts, you'll need to:
Apple Developer: (iOS & tvOS)
1: Enroll in Apple Developer Program 
2: Give Uscreen access to account
3: Set-up Payment 
Amazon Developer (Fire TV)
1: Create Amazon Developer Account
2: Give Uscreen access to account
3: Set-up Payment
Google Developer: (Android)
1: Create Google Developer Account
2: Provide .JSON File
3: Give Uscreen access to Account
4: Set-up Payment
Roku Developer: (Roku Channel)
1: Enroll in Roku Developer Program
2: Email Login credentials to 
3: Set-up Payment 
4: Link personal Roku device to account
2: To provide Content Assets, you'll need to:  
>Complete App Requirements Form. Choose from three options:
  -Download, complete, and return via email: Download Word Doc
  -Access online, complete, and return via email or link: Online Word Doc
  -Complete online using Google Form: Google Form
3: For Image Assets, you'll need to provide the following:
iOS & Android Images:  Images for TV Apps: 
Brand logo (2000x2000)
Launch Screen (2048x2732)
App Icon (1024x1024)
Feature Graphic (1024x500)
Brand Logo-Transparent: (512x512)
Brand Logo-Solid: (512x512)
Login Background: (1280x1080)
Launch Image: (1920x1080)
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