Roku Developer Account

Follow the steps below to set-up your Roku Developer account and add Payment.

Set-Up Roku Developer Account

1: Create Account
>Go to Roku Account Enter required information.
>Agree to Terms & Conditions. Continue.
>Enter Payment Information. Select Save.

*Personal purchases, not payment from Roku.

2: Link Roku Device to Account
>Scroll to bottom of page. Click Link a device.
>Follow directions onscreen.
>If you don’t own a device, let us know.

3: Enroll in Roku Developer Program
>Go to Roku Developer Program
>Enter information to complete registration.
>Enroll as an Organization.
>Agree to Roku Distribution Policy. Continue.


4: Enroll in Roku Partner Payouts
Required to receive payment for In-App Purchases.
During account set-up:
>Click Monetize on the Roku Publishing Platform.
>Agree to Terms, then add Payment information.

At any time: Roku Developer Billing
>Partner Payouts Program page opens.
>Scroll down and click Edit payment.
>Add: Address-Payment Method-Tax Forms

Give Uscreen Access to Developer Account
>Email login credentials to 
>Roku does not allow multiple administrators on accounts.
>Share your login, username & password, so we can set up your app.
>Note App Name-Roku Login in email subject line. [ex. WoofTV- Roku Login]



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