Push Notifications

  • Push Notifications are available for iOS and Android (native apps).
  • If you have native apps and want to request this feature, select Contact Us on the Admin Page.
  • If you’d like to request native apps or learn more about Uscreen apps, select the Distribution Tab.
  • Requests typically take 30 days to complete.
  • You'll receive an email from your OTT Account Manager when the feature is ready to use. 
To Send Push Notifications:  

>Admin Area
>Push Notifications
>Select Send Notification

>Enter Title
>Add Message (plain text only)
>Select Send Now

>Message is sent to all users



To Receive Push Notifications:
User must have Notifications turned ON in Device Settings:
>Settings >Notifications >Select App >Turn Notifications ON


If a user reports NOT receiving notifications:
1: Verify Device Settings
>Select app
>Notifications ON? 
2: Verify App Settings

>Open App
>Settings (gear)
>Check top of screen
>See a message?  


Receive notifications:      >May be ON or OFF
>It’s not accurate
>Refer to top of screen



To Enable Notifications in Settings:                                

iOS Devices:

>Settings >Notifications >Select App

Allow Notifications: Turn ON

Lock Screen: Onscreen when locked
Notification Center: Swipe down to view
Banners: Top of screen

Banner/Alert Style: 
Temporary: appears for few seconds  
Persistent: stays until you tap or swipe 

Sound: Hear a sound 
Badge: Visual notification (red dot on icon)


Android Devices:

>Apps & notifications
>See All
>Select App
>App Notifications

Show Notifications: ON

Icon Badge/Notification Dot: ON/OFF
choose a sound to hear
On Lock Screen:



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