Replace Video

After uploading a video and entering the video details, you may realize that you need to replace the video with an updated version.  Replacing a video is easy to do and can be done without losing any of the video details that have already been assigned.  Once the replacement video is uploaded and transcoded, it will appear in place of the original video on the admin site and the storefront if the video is already published.


 To upload a replacement video:

-Navigation to the Content tab and select Videos

-Click Edit on the video you wish to replace



-Click Replace Video



-On the pop-up, click Upload Replacement 



-Select the replacement video and click Open



-It will take a few moments for the replacement to upload



-While the replacement upload is transcoding, the original video will still be displayed.  Once the transcoding process is completed, the replacement video will appear in its place on the admin site and the storefront.

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