My Library

The My Library feature is designed to help end-users find their individual or bundle purchases.  My Library will automatically appear at the top of the end-user's catalog page if they have purchased an individual video, collection, or bundle and do not have subscription access.

If you would prefer for end-user to not see the My Library feature, you can elect to turn off this feature for all end-users in the theme editor.


To turn the My Library feature on or off:

-Navigation to the Customization tab and click Customize



-In the theme editor, Select Catalog Page and click Catalog



-Use the green box to turn My Library on or off and click Save to apply the changes



If this feature is turned on, all end-users with individual video, collection, or bundle purchases will see My Library and the top of their catalog page and it will automatically populate with their purchases.


If this feature is turned off, no end-users will see My Library and they will need to manually favorite their purchases to populate the Favorites category or search for purchases by title in the search bar.






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