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Live chat can be enabled for each Live Event you create and is exclusively available for logged-in users who have access to the Live Event. If your Live Event is Free for Everyone, users won't see the live chat unless logged in.

You can find the option to enable Live Chat under the Details tab on the Live Event section; just navigate to Content, then to Live Events.

Live Chat has some amazing built-in moderation features, which we'll go over. First though, here's how your users see live chat:

The Live Chat feature allows users to not only comment on your live event but also report other comments that aren't appropriate. When they report them, then the comments are flagged and sent to be reviewed by admins. To report a comment, hover over it and click the 3 dot menu (⋮), then click Report.

Moderating Chat

All admins in your Uscreen account can moderate chat. The best way to open a live event as a moderator is to first click your Storefront button in the bottom left of the admin area. Then navigate to your live event on your Catalog page and click on it to see the event.

You can also open the Live Event by navigating to Content then Live Events. Select the Live Event you want to open and click the 3 dot menu (...), then select Copy link. Paste the link in your browser and the event will start playing for you as an admin:

The interface you'll see is different and contains some awesome info for live events that you wouldn't have had access to before. First, you're going to see the number of active users next to the Live Chat tab, beside that, you'll see the Flagged and Blocked tabs. Everyone, including your users, can see the active users count next to the Live Chat tab.

When a comment is reported, or even if you find a less appropriate one, you can Delete comments or Block users. You can delete comments through the Live Chat tab or the Flagged tab, and Block users in the Flagged tab.

If comments are reported, then clicking Flagged will allow you to see a list of all of them. You can choose to either delete the comment, remove it from Flagged, or even block the user if you need. Flagged comments aren't displayed differently for users until action is taken against them. Only the user that has reported a comment will see Reported in red next to the comment.

Blocking a user will also remove all comments made by that user. To block someone, go to the Flagged tab and select Block user.

After you block someone, the blocked users` will see a message saying they were banned:

If you have blocked someone but wish to unblock them, just go to the Blocked tab and click on Unblock located next to the name.

What We're Still Working On

We have implemented attendees and preregistration for live events to help you track who is watching your events, for how long they have watched them, and what is their email addresses.

Please do let our Product Team know if you want any other metrics or features we currently do not yet offer.

Another improvement we're evaluating for the future is saving the chat and making it a part of the replayable VOD.

If you have other feedback or requests, please submit those here.

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