You can make your videos more accessible to viewers by adding subtitles for as many languages as you like. To add subtitles, you will need a VTT file. You can convert from another format if you do a Google search for VTT convert.


Navigate to the video you want to add subtitles for under Content > Videos and click Edit. Then scroll down and click Upload Subtitles.

If you need to know how to create subtitles in the VTT format, try a free service like VTT Creator.

Troubleshooting your Subtitles

After you add your subtitles, if you notice the timing of the subtitles are slightly off, please make sure your timestamps in the file are correct.

Since our videos are playing per NTSC, this means our videos play in Drop Frame. Please make sure your source video file is in Drop Frame, and not in Non-Drop Frame to ensure the best alignment of your subtitles with your film.

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