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Video Subtitles and Captions

Use our AI auto captioning tool or upload your own subtitles!

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Adding subtitles and captions to your videos is an excellent way to make your content more accessible to a wider audience. Our system will automatically generate captions for your newly uploaded videos by default! You can also upload subtitles if you would like to do that as well.

Subtitles vs Captions

Subtitles translate dialogue for viewers who can hear but may not understand the language, while captions provide a full textual representation of all audio, including dialogue, sound effects, and speaker identification, for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing and cannot hear the audio.

✨ Automatic caption generation for video content.

Automatic Caption Generation is now available for stores with select locales, making video content more accessible to a wider audience. We automatically generate captions for your videos if your storefront uses one of the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • German

  • French

How it Works

You'll notice a new "In Processing" item in your video edit page's "Subtitles & Captions" block whenever you upload a video.

Once the video is transcoded and audio is generated, an "Auto-Generated" caption track will appear. The longer your video, the longer this process might take.


  • Make your videos accessible to a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments.

  • Improve video engagement and watch time.

  • Be compliant with the latest requirements.

  • Captions are readily available to your videos on the Web and mobile & TV apps.

Editing and Downloading

As with all AI tools, AI isn't perfect. You may need to make edits to your auto-captions if there are any errors or missing captions.

You can download and edit the auto-generated caption track to fit your needs or keep it as is. The auto-generated captions will be available in the video's original language only. If you edit the auto-generated caption track, you can simply upload the edited file and replace the auto-generated captions.

Removing Captions

If you don't want captions to appear on a video, you can delete them. Captions are automatically generated for new videos.

Adding Subtitles

You can make your videos more accessible to your users by adding subtitles for as many languages as you would like.

Note: Uscreen only supports .VTT files. You will need to convert other file types such as a .SRT file to .VTT.

  1. Navigate to Content

  2. Click on Videos

  3. Click the video you want to add subtitles to, then scroll down to Subtitles and captions and click to upload your .VTT file.

  4. Click Save on your video settings at the top of the page.

If you need to know how to create subtitles in the VTT format, try a free service like VTT Creator.

Troubleshooting your Subtitles

After you add subtitles, if you notice the timing of the subtitles is slightly off, please make sure your timestamps in the file are correct.

Since our videos are playing per NTSC, this means our videos play in Drop Frame. Please make sure your source video file is in the Drop Frame and not in the Non-drop Frame to ensure the best alignment of your subtitles with your film.

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