Replace a Video
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After uploading a video and entering the video details, you may realize that you need to replace the video with an updated version. Unlike YouTube, replacing a video is easy, and it's done without losing any of the video details that have already been set.

NOTE: This feature is only available on uploaded videos. It will not be available for recordings of Live Events.

To replace the video:

  1. Navigate to Content

  2. Under the Videos view, find the video you want to replace

  3. In the video editor, click the Replace button under the video preview.

  4. You will then be prompted to upload a new video to replace the existing video:

  5. Wait for the new video to upload:

  6. Once successful, you'll see a success notification:

Once uploaded, the video may still show the old video for a short time while the video finishes transcoding in the background.

NOTE: The old version is discarded from our server, so in case you change your mind and want the old version re-uploaded, just follow these instructions to upload the old content.

Not Seeing a Replace Button?

Recorded Live Events cannot be replaced. If you would like to replace it with an edited version of your live event, you'll need to re-upload it as a new video and remove the recorded live event.

For non-live events, some background data processes can prevent you from replacing a video while the background process is taking place. This is a security measure to prevent any data loss from your video and analytics.

If this is the case and you need to urgently replace a video, we recommend uploading the replacement as a completely new video to quickly complete this task. However, you will lose any existing video comments, etc.

If you would like to keep your video comments, you can also contact our support team and we can have our Engineering team assist with the process of replacement. However, this process will take more time. If you need to urgently replace a video, we recommend re-uploading.

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