Duplicate Live Events

Setup recurring live events. Easily reuse the stream key from former live events.

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Scheduling Live Events can't get any easier! Instead of creating every Live Event individually, you can duplicate Live Events from previously created events. If you want to schedule several Live Events in a short period, simply duplicate your Live Event to avoid copy-pasting every single piece of information. Not only can you duplicate the whole Live Event info, but you can also reuse the Stream Key you had on previous events.

How to duplicate Live Events:

1. Navigate to Live Events under the Content tab

2. Select which Live Event you want to duplicate and click on the three dots (···), then select Duplicate

3. Change the Event Title to a suitable title for your new Live Event

If the title isn't changed, the Live Event title will remain the same as the one it was copied from, with the addition of the word "(Duplicate)" in the title.

4. Change the Event Start Date to reflect the day and time of your new event—having in mind that if you use the same stream key, the event should be at least 5 minutes apart from the previous one

5. If you want to reuse the same Stream Key, toggle the box next to Reuse existing Stream Key

6. Click on Duplicate to save your changes and create the new Live Event

Edit Your New Duplicated Event

After duplicating your Live Event, select Edit to make other adjustments like adding Extras, changing Appearance, Pricing, SEO, etc. If you choose to leave everything the same, then all of the data saved from the previous Live Event will be copied to the duplicate event.

NOTE: Only one live event can run with a given stream key at a time. This means, if you have set up duplicate or recurring live events, you will need to end one live event in the Stream tab of the current live event before you start the next live event.

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