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Allow Customers to Purchase a Live Event Recording
Allow Customers to Purchase a Live Event Recording

Use the bundles feature to sell a live event and its recording

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When you are selling a live event, you may wonder how you can also sell the recording of the event. If you would like to sell both, so users can watch it live and access it later, you can add them to a bundle.

Quick Overview

  1. Create a Live Event

  2. On the Pricing tab, select Require access and uncheck all of the boxes under the Subscription plan tab if you are planning on only selling the live event and recording as a bundle (keep the subscription boxes checked if you plan to sell it as part of a subscription and a stand-alone product via a bundle)

  3. Enable preregistration for the Live Event under the Stream tab

  4. Add the Live Event to a Bundle called something like "Live Event + Recording"

  5. After the live event is finished, add the recording to the "Live Event + Recording" bundle

Since all finished live events are automatically converted into a video, the only thing you need to do is publish that video and add it to the bundle. If you need to edit the recording, you can edit your own copy and then upload it. If you didn't record the live event, don't worry, Uscreen automatically records it for you. To edit it, you will need to download it first. Once you are done editing, just upload the video and hit publish.

Be careful though, anyone who has purchased the bundle with the recording will not get the recording until you publish the video and add it to the bundle, so it's best to act quickly after the live event has concluded. Otherwise, follow our steps outlined here for suggestions on how to let your viewers know a recording is coming soon.

NOTE: Please do not delete the live event recording files—even if the duration shows a small amount, such as 10 minutes. Allow 24-48 hours for transcoding in case there's a delay (usually it's uploaded faster, but exceptions can happen). The system creates a first video file at the beginning of the live stream, and it gets updated at the end of the life event. If you delete the files, they are not going to be updated.

Detailed Explanation on How to Set It Up:

First, create a Live Event so you can add it to a bundle. Go to Content, select Live Events, and click + Add New. Add all of the details needed.

Now navigate to Content, go to Live Events, then select the Live Event you want to include a recording for, and click Edit. Under the Stream tab, you can select the latency mode between Standard (Recommended), Reduced and

Ultra-low, and click Preregistration. If there is no Preregistration button, then it's already been enabled.

Then go to Bundles, where you can create a bundle and assign the live event.

When users view the live event on your Catalog page and click on it, they can purchase the event by clicking the Get Access Now button to preregister for the event.

On the purchase page, customers will see options to purchase access to the live event and the recording through the bundle.

Once the live event has concluded, navigate to the video under Content, go to Videos and click Edit. Under the Publication tab, set the video to Published. It's also a good idea to change the title to emphasize that it's a recording. You can do that under the Details tab of the video.

Lastly, head back to Bundles and click Edit on the Live Event + Recording bundle. Then click Assign Content (Step 2) and add your live event video to the bundle.

Now customers will have access to the live event recording in the My Library section.

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