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Introduction to Live Streaming
Getting Started with Live Streaming (Start Here)
Getting Started with Live Streaming (Start Here)

Learn about Live Streaming with Uscreen!

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Live streaming is an excellent way to provide value and interact with your audience! Uscreen offers two options for live streaming that we will discuss in detail below. The first option is to use our Uscreen Live Studio. The second option is a more sophisticated streaming setup that utilizes third-party tools such as OBS.

If you have a mobile app you can even go live directly from your phone with Uscreen Live Studio for Mobile!

Live Streaming is available on our Growth, Pro, and Plus plans! You can view the full details of our pricing here.

Why Live Streaming Is Important

Live streaming is a powerful tool for memberships, offering a unique way to engage members, provide value, and ultimately, reduce churn. Churn, the rate at which members cancel their subscriptions, is a critical metric for the sustainability and growth of memberships. Here's how live streaming helps in reducing churn:

  • Community Building: Live events can foster a sense of community among members by encouraging discussions and shared experiences. This feeling of belonging can increase members' loyalty to your membership.

  • Regular Live Content: Regularly scheduled live streams ensure that members regularly receive new, valuable content, which can help justify the cost of the membership in their eyes.

  • Diverse Content Offerings: Incorporating live streaming into the content mix diversifies the offerings available to members, enhancing the overall perceived value of the membership.

  • And much more!

Comparing Uscreen Live Studio and Advanced Live Streaming

With Uscreen, you have the choice between going live via our Live Streaming Studio or by utilizing 3rd Party tools, we recommend OBS, which is an advanced form of Live Streaming. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of each:

Uscreen Live Studio

Advanced Streaming

Setup Complexity

Simple setup requiring just a webcam, microphone, and stable internet. It is ideal for beginners or those who prefer straightforward solutions.

More complex setup requiring knowledge of 3rd party live streaming tools and RTMP servers. Suitable for those with technical expertise or willingness to learn.

Equipment Needed

Minimal: Basic equipment like a webcam, microphone, and a decent computer!

Requires additional software and potentially hardware, depending on the quality and complexity of the stream.

Ease of Use

User-friendly interface designed for quick setup and ease of streaming.

Requires a learning curve to navigate software settings and manage streams effectively.


Limited customization options, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. More options are coming soon!

High level of customization, allowing for intricate setups, overlays, multiple audio/video sources, and more.


Included in your platform's plan, requiring no additional software purchases.

May require subscriptions or purchases of specific software or services, in addition to potential hardware investments.

The Uscreen Live Studio offers a simple and fast way for everyone to stream live to their viewers. We believe you will find the ease of use very convenient and we suggest using our Live Studio instead of a complicated streaming setup involving third-party tools such as OBS.

Next Steps

Choose one of the options below to learn about setting up your first livestream!

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