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Setting Up a Live Stream with Uscreen Live Studio
Setting Up a Live Stream with Uscreen Live Studio

Create a stream and go live right from your browser.

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You can now go live directly from Uscreen without the need for a complicated 3rd party setup! We make it easy and convenient for ANYONE to start a live stream. This article will cover how to go live with Uscreen Live Studio!

Creating a Live Stream Event

  1. From your admin dashboard select Content > Live Streaming

  2. Click on Add New

  3. Give your Live Stream a Title, Description, and Organize it by categories.

  4. Since you're going live via Live Studio, you do not need to worry about the RTMP section.

    1. Note: The Test Player functionality is only available for 3rd party streaming tools. If you want to test the player you can enter the studio without going live.

    2. Latency mode can only be used in RTMP.

  5. Select the Start Date and Time if you're going live in the future.

  6. Decide which purchase options you want available.

    1. You can make it available to active subscribers and also allow for one-time purchase access.

  7. Select any other settings you want to enable such as Live Chat or Donations.

  8. Don't forget to publish your live stream to make it available in your catalog and open pre-registration for your members!

  9. Click Save

Going Live

Now that you've set up your live event, it's time for the big show! When you're ready to go live, head back into the Live Event by going to Content > Live Streaming and clicking on Enter Studio next to the event in the live streams list.

Once you enter the studio your browser should ask you for permission to access your Camera and Microphone. You will need to allow access to both.

If you see the following error, please view the help article below:

Inside the studio, you'll be able to see and adjust your camera and microphone settings. You'll also be able to share your screen.

At the bottom right you'll be able to toggle your list of viewers as well as your live chat so that you can engage with your viewers in real-time!

You can click on Share Live Stream at the top right to get the URL of the live stream copied right to your clipboard! Share it with the world!

When you're ready, click on Go Live to start your live event!

When your event is over, click on End Live to end your live event.

After the Live Stream Ends

Once you end your live event you'll be taken back out to the Live Stream listing page. You'll notice that your event is now listed as processing. This status indicates that your live event recording is being processed and will be available as a video for your catalog soon.

You'll also be able to view a list of attendees. Please allow up to 48 hours after completion of the live event for this list to be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the recording of my event?

Head over to Content > Videos and you'll see the recording of your event as unpublished. Once the video has finished processing you'll be able to make it available for replay in your catalog.

Can I co-host a live stream using Uscreen Studio?

Currently, it's not possible to co-host a live stream with Uscreen Studio. You are limited to one host and one camera input. However, this would make a fantastic feature suggestion. If you need a more in-depth set up we recommend following our advanced guide.

Tech Stats

With Uscreen Studio for the web, you can anticipate the following quality settings:

  • 1080p video quality

  • 30 Frames Per Second (FPS)

  • 4500 bitrate

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