Live Event Preregistration

Forecast live event attendance

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Knowing how many people plan on attending your live event is important for scheduling and forecasting.

By knowing how many people plan on attending your event, you can make necessary changes to future scheduling, tailor your content strategy, and learn more about what timing works best for your audience.

How Live Event Preregistration Works

When scheduling a Live Event in the Admin Area, you set it up for Preregistration so that it will appear in your catalog as an upcoming event.

Before the event goes live, it will appear in your catalog with a countdown to the start of the event overlaid on the player, with a button that says ‘I’ll be there’.

When one of your viewers clicks ‘I’ll be there’, it preregisters them for that live event. Once the user has successfully preregistered, they will then see an ‘Add to Calendar’ button, which they can use to add the event details to their calendar of choice.

NOTE: If the Live Event requires paid access, either through a subscription or one-time purchase, the ‘I’ll be there’ button will only appear for users who have purchased access to this event. For users who do not have access to the live event, they will see the same ‘Get Access’ button that is overlaid over all of your content that is behind a paywall. Clicking ‘Get Access’, in this case, will take the user through the normal checkout process.

But what happens if the live event is free to access for anyone? In that case, viewers will still be prompted to preregister by clicking the ‘I’ll be there’ button, only now they will see two fields above it, one for entering their email address and one for their full name. This allows you to capture the name and contact information of people who attend free events that don’t require any sign up or purchase.

See who has preregistered

When you go into Live Events, you will see a column titled ‘PREREGISTERED’. This column tells you how many viewers have preregistered for each live event. You can click the number in the column, which will bring you to a list of everyone who has preregistered. This list includes the preregistered attendee’s name, email, and the date and time that they preregistered. You can export this list as a CSV.

After the event has gone live and is finished, you will still receive the full list of attendees who were present on the stream. You will also still have access to the list of everyone who preregistered for the event.

Live Event Preregistration Confirmation Email

Preregistering for a live event sends the viewer an automated email confirming their preregistration.

You can find this email under Settings → Email Templates → Live Event Preregistration Email.

The email comes preset with a subject and body text, which you can customize however you like. You can also disable this email from sending, if you would like.

The email contains variables for:

  • Event Title

  • Attendee Name

  • You Uscreen Store URL

  • Live Event URL

You can use these variables in your own custom version of the email by simply clicking the variable picker {} in the toolbar, as shown below.

Can my audience pre-register for live events on my mobile and TV apps?

  • Pre-registration is available on the web.

  • Pre-registration is available for iOS and Android apps running version 3.15 or later.

  • Pre-registration is unavailable for TV apps currently.

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