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How Customers See Your Video Pages
Updated over a week ago

A video page is automatically generated for each published video. The information on the video page can be edited by making changes to the video details section.

Your customers will access the video page by clicking on the thumbnail in the catalog or by using a direct link that can be set up in the video SEO section.

Primary Features of the Video Page

  • The title is displayed below the video

  • The Add to Favorites button, which creates a Favorites category in your Catalog once clicked on

  • The Watch Trailer button if you added a video trailer to your video

  • The Mark Watched button will allow your customers to indicate they have finished a video if they rewind or restart it.

  • The Share button, which allows them to share it with others

Additional Features on the Video Page

  • The About section, which is the video's full description

  • The Video Categories will be listed below the description

  • The Resources section will appear if you have added any Resources to your video

  • The Comments section, which will appear if you have enabled them on your site

  • The Author info, which will only appear if you assigned an Author to it

  • Related Videos, which are other videos from the same category or tags

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I allow my viewers to skip intros for my videos with the click of a button?

    A: Currently there is no feature to allow skipping of introductions in videos. If you would like to see this become a reality, please submit a feature request.

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