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Add a Trailer to a Video
Updated over a week ago

When publishing an individual video or even a live event, you may want to include a trailer to encourage potential customers to subscribe or purchase content. The trailer video first needs to be uploaded like all of the other videos. So when you add a trailer, both videos must all be uploaded under the Videos tab.

The trailer video does not need to be published for it to play once assigned to another video. We recommend not publishing the trailer to avoid the trailer becoming a standalone video on your catalog page.

Under Content > Videos, select the video you want to add a trailer to and click Edit. Navigate to the Trailer tab further down the page and then click Choose a trailer video in the Trailer section. Select the video you want to add as a trailer and then Save the changes.

For videos with trailers, the watch trailer button will appear for all potential customers as well as signed-in customers below the player.

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