You can feature a category on your home page or on the catalog page. The videos and collections in these categories can have custom images or video banners. For both images and videos, the recommended resolution is 1900x800px.

This resolution size is super important since we use this handy CSS code on the video or image:

background-size: cover;

Cover makes it so a single image can work across multiple screen sizes whether it's mobile, tablets or huge monitor sizes. If you use the recommended resolution your image shouldn't be stretched but there's a trade-off, since we crop it, it's also super important to not put any instructional words in these banners. On smaller resolutions there's a high chance your customer will probably see the wording cutoff completely.


Navigate to the video you want to set the featured category image or video for under Content >Videos and click Edit. Under the Appearance tab click Upload Image or Upload Video under the Featured Category Image or Featured Category Video section.

The process is essentially the same for collections:

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