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How to upload and organize your video content

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Here’s how Uscreen’s video Uploader & Organizer works:

Under the Content menu, you’ll find all sub-features on the left-hand sidebar:

Similarly, the Organize sub-feature is compressed, and it’s where you can manage and organize your Categories, Custom Filters, and Authors.

To upload your video content simply click the Content tab then on the top right corner click the blue button that says Upload Videos. If you upload your videos using Dropbox, click on the Dropbox button below the main uploader:

The Uploader will automatically start uploading smaller videos first. This saves time because you can edit the uploaded videos in a new window while the rest are in process. (Note: The video titles are clickable, so you can go straight to editing the video just by clicking on the title once the video is uploaded)

The improved Uploader will also protect you from leaving the tab while uploads are in process. This saves you time and frustration if you accidentally close the tab.

When your videos are uploaded, you can now make bulk actions where you can mass-select and assign videos to Plans, Categories, and Collections. This will help save your time by eliminating the need to organize your videos one at a time.

Use the Status filter to see all videos from one or more Status (Published, Scheduled, Unpublished, Transcoding.)

You can also use the sorting dropdown menu to see intended videos:

Under the three dots on the side of each video, you’ll be able to access quick actions like Edit videos, Copy links, Move to collection, and Delete the video.

If you delete a video by mistake, you can also easily undo it!

Finally, you’ll still be able to export your videos into a CSV by clicking on the More Actions drop-down in the top right corner.

For a video breakdown of how to use our Improved Video Uploader & Organizer, press play below!

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