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Set a Featured Category on the Catalog Page
Updated over a week ago

You can feature a specific category on the catalog page in a slider. The slider will display images for the first 12 videos of the selected category. The chosen category will only be shown in the slider and not repeated in the rows below, as the slider is interactive.

If you don't have 12 videos in this category, the featured category slider will show the featured category slider images for the videos currently in that selected category (up to 12). If you don't have featured category slider images set for your videos, visitors will see the first frame of the video.

It is possible that the method for selecting a featured category varies depending on when you created your Uscreen account. See both directions below and follow the one that is available in your account.

Method One

Navigate to the Website tab and click Preferences. Select the category you want to feature, scroll down, and click Save.

Method Two

Navigate to the Website tab and click Customize to go into the website editor.

Click on Video Catalog in the left-hand sidebar of the editor.

Select the Category you wish to feature in the Featured Category drop-down menu

Don't forget to Publish your changes! Click Publish at the top right of the editor.

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