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Enable Video Download for Offline Access

You can allow downloading of videos on the web. Mobile apps allow offline play downloading. Learn about the differences here.

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Your customers may wish to download videos from your site to a device for offline viewing. By default, videos are not available for download on the web but you can enable downloading individual videos at any time.

Download for the Web

Navigate to the video you want to allow downloading under Content > Videos and click Edit. Then scroll down to Access settings and click on Advance settings.

Then toggle "Allow web users to download mp4"

Toggle Allow Web Users under Advance Settings

If a video is available for download, the download button will appear under the 3 dot menu button next to the Share button.

All your viewers need to do is click on the 3 dot menu button and click Download to download the video file.

Please note that the download might open in a new tab in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Chrome: in the new tab, click the 3 vertical dots () at the bottom right of the video and select Download.

Safari: in the new tab, right-click the screen and select Download Video or Download Video As to save the file to your device.

Firefox: in the new tab, right-click the screen and select Save Video As to save the file to your device.

Note: We strongly recommend against allowing the download of videos on the web. Our data shows that creators like you who allow the downloading of videos via the web typically result in a higher churn rate for memberships.

Mobile App Downloads

If you have a mobile app such as Android or iOS from Uscreen, your viewers can download a video for offline play. This does not actually download the mp4 file for them to keep forever, however, it does allow them to access the video offline without an internet connection.

This is great for viewers who are traveling and plan on watching your videos while on an airplane or maybe out camping.

To download a video on a mobile app for offline play:

  1. Go to the video you wish to download for offline play.

  2. Tap on the three-dot menu

  3. Tap on Download Video

  4. You will then see an alert letting you know the video is being downloaded and a date for which the download will expire. (Downloaded videos for offline play remain for 30 days)

To view a downloaded video on the mobile app:

If you have no internet connection, upon opening the app you will see:

If you do have an internet connection you can find downloaded videos by visiting your account > Downloads.


  1. Apps automatically allow the downloading of videos for offline play.

  2. Web downloading is separate from mobile app downloading for offline play.

  3. Viewing downloaded videos on mobile apps uses no data.

  4. Downloading videos on apps can use standard data of around 20 MB per minute of 1080p video.

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